The Demise of the MBA & The Rise of the LLM

John G. Kelly   |     May 06, 2015

Getting Ahead of the Curve in Making Law Students Practice Ready

John G. Kelly   |     Mar 01, 2015

Get the facts on the UK law school advantage

John G. Kelly   |     Oct 03, 2014

Taking Advantage of the JD Advantage 2+1 &"T" and "I-I' Multi-Discipli...

John G. Kelly   |     Sep 03, 2014

Dumping the Dreaded Dead Third Year of Law School & Re-enacting the De...

John G. Kelly   |     Sep 03, 2014

“Pikettymania” and the Legal Profession

John G. Kelly   |     Jul 22, 2014

Wealth Management Profession is Wrestling Wills & Estates from Lawyers...

John G. Kelly   |     Jul 08, 2014

Legal Services Outsourcing and Second Tier City Lawyers

John G. Kelly   |     Jun 16, 2014

The Uncomfortable Commonality Between the North American Auto Industry...

John G. Kelly   |     Jun 14, 2014

Law Society- Practice of Law in Ontario is in Need of a Major Fix

John G. Kelly   |     Jun 09, 2014

The New World of Legal Work: The Changing Rules of the 21st Century

John G. Kelly   |     May 30, 2014

Is the Law Degree Doomed?

John G. Kelly   |     May 27, 2014

Domestic Law Schools are Fudging Placement Statistics

John G. Kelly   |     Mar 30, 2014

Here come the accountants and legal executives…

John G. Kelly   |     Feb 23, 2014

Heenan Blaikie is the Canadian legal profession's “Canary in the Coal ...

John G. Kelly   |     Feb 23, 2014

'Articling and Placement Bubble' bursts!

John G. Kelly   |     Dec 19, 2013

Recent law graduates are finding legal services opportunities outside ...

John G. Kelly   |     Nov 22, 2013

Are law societies more of a hindrance than help to lawyers looking to ...

John G. Kelly   |     Nov 12, 2013

The international legal services market is booming and the UK is the e...

John G. Kelly   |     Nov 12, 2013

Arizona university touts "North American" law degree

John G. Kelly   |     Oct 22, 2013

My Response to the American Bar Association's Task Force on the Future...

John G. Kelly   |     Oct 21, 2013


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